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Traffic Violations You Don't Need to Accept the Consequences

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Have you been pulled over and cited with a traffic violation anywhere in Orange or Los Angeles Counties? Unfortunately, it happens every day and is often based on the hearsay of a law enforcement officer. You may be upset, angry, or confused about why you were cited but decide that little can be done about it. You pay the fine and send it in. When you do so, however, you are automatically pleading guilty and your case is closed.

In reality, you have options. Everyone deserves his day in court and everyone deserves to be heard. You can turn to RPM Law for personalized legal advice, to learn your options, and to fight back against your charges. Our firm has helped thousands of drivers in and around Orange County. We have gained the respect of Newport Beach Traffic Court judges and law enforcement for our legal ability and presence. The majority of our practice is focused on traffic offenses, which has given us extensive experience in how to win in court. Check out our case results to learn more about how we have helped thousands of drivers.

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Traffic Violation Cases We Handle

At RPM Law, we have dealt with every imaginable traffic offense and know how to deconstruct them, build a strong defense, and present that defense before a judge.

When you automatically pay your fine for any violation, you may have points added to your driving record and your insurance premiums can significantly increase. Too many points can lead to a license suspension.

Before you pay that ticket, get the legal advice you need from a highly experienced Newport Beach traffic violation lawyer who can evaluate the merits of your case. You can then make an independent and informed decision about what is best for you. No matter what the situation may be, you can count on RPM Law for capable legal counsel, personalized service, and affordable rates.

Can A Police Officer Dismiss a Ticket?

Whether a police officer can dismiss a ticket depends on the circumstances, the policies of the law enforcement agency, and the laws in the jurisdiction where the ticket was issued. In many cases, a police officer does not have the authority to unilaterally dismiss a ticket once it has been issued. The decision to dismiss a ticket is typically made by a prosecutor, judge, or other legal authority.

Here are some common scenarios in which a ticket may be dismissed or handled differently:

  • Discretion of the Officer: In some cases, a police officer may have some discretion when issuing a ticket, especially for minor infractions. The officer may choose not to issue a ticket or may issue a warning instead.
  • Fix-It Tickets: For certain violations related to equipment, such as a broken taillight or expired registration, an officer may issue a "fix-it ticket." This allows the recipient to fix the issue and have the ticket dismissed after providing proof of the correction.
  • Traffic School: In some jurisdictions, individuals who receive traffic citations may have the option to attend traffic school. Completing the course can lead to the dismissal of the ticket or a reduction in fines.
  • Prosecutor's Discretion: In more serious cases or those that go to court, a prosecutor may have the authority to dismiss a ticket if they believe it is in the interest of justice or if there are mitigating circumstances.
  • Judicial Discretion: Ultimately, a judge has the authority to dismiss a ticket, reduce fines, or decide the outcome of a case in court. Judges consider the evidence presented, legal arguments, and the circumstances of the case.

It's essential to be aware of your rights and options when dealing with a traffic ticket. If you believe a ticket was issued unfairly or you have a valid defense, you can contest it in court. Call an attorney from our firm today! We can provide guidance based on the specific details of your case and the laws in your jurisdiction.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What should I do if I receive a traffic violation in Orange County?

If you receive a traffic violation in Orange County, it's important not to rush into paying the fine as this is an admission of guilt. Instead, consider consulting with a Newport Beach traffic violation attorney who can evaluate the circumstances of your citation and provide personalized legal advice. By doing so, you can make an informed decision about your next steps, which may include contesting the ticket in court to avoid points on your driving record and increased insurance premiums.

Can attending traffic school affect the outcome of my traffic ticket in Los Angeles County?

In Los Angeles County, attending traffic school can be an option for those who have received certain traffic citations. Completing a traffic school course may lead to the dismissal of the ticket or a reduction in fines, depending on the jurisdiction's policies. It's important to consult with a traffic violation lawyer to understand if this option is available for your specific situation and how it can affect the outcome of your case.

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  • Case Dismissed Driving On Suspended License
  • Case Dismissed Driving On Suspended License
  • Penalties Reduced Driving On Suspended License with prior convictions
  • Penalties Reduced Driving when privilege suspended or revoked (DUI)
  • Case Dismissed Driving without valid driver license
  • Penalties Reduced Driving without valid driver license
  • Case Dismissed Exceeding maximum speed of 65 MPH
  • Penalty Reduced Failure of vehicles subject to use designated lane
  • Case Dismissed Failure of vehicles subject to use designated lane
  • Penalty Reduced Failure to obey traffic control sign
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