Red Light Violations You Don't Need to Accept the Consequences

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Red Light Violations in California

Running a red light is prohibited by California Vehicle Code 21453. This law states that drivers must stop at red lights, may turn right on circular red lights, turn left on circular red lights from a one-way street, and must stop when red arrow signals remain steady. Thus, you can be cited for driving through a red light or arrow as well as making illegal turns. Either way, if you pay the fine you will be admitting guilt and can receive:

  • 1 point on your DMV record
  • Possible increased auto insurance premiums

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Red Light Violation Legal Options

You do have options if you are facing a red light violation. You may think fighting back is futile but legal defenses do exist. With the help of a knowledgeable and skilled traffic attorney, you may be able to get your citation dismissed. The smartest action you can take in this situation is to talk to our Newport Beach red light violation defense attorney at RPM Law.

Our firm has been successfully handling traffic violation cases for years in the local courts. We know the system and how to create a personalized defense for your case. Our traffic lawyer can advise you on what can be done to fight your ticket.

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Penalties for a Red Light Violation

Have you been cited for a red light violation directly from a police officer? Perhaps you have received a red light camera citation which have become more common in major metropolitan areas. The penalties for these violations can include:

  • A fine of $35 to more than $100
  • Additional court costs, assessments, and fees
  • One point added to your record (if you receive 4 points within 12 months, you risk losing your license)

Ignoring your ticket is not an option as it can turn into a “failure to appear” violation, which can lead to a misdemeanor.

You can decide to represent yourself in fighting a red light violation. However, it is much more beneficial to hire an experienced attorney who knows and can work with the prosecutor and knows how to get charges reduced or dismissed. You will also not need to appear in court when represented by our firm.

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  • Case Dismissed Driving On Suspended License
  • Case Dismissed Driving On Suspended License
  • Penalties Reduced Driving On Suspended License with prior convictions
  • Penalties Reduced Driving when privilege suspended or revoked (DUI)
  • Case Dismissed Driving without valid driver license
  • Penalties Reduced Driving without valid driver license
  • Case Dismissed Exceeding maximum speed of 65 MPH
  • Penalty Reduced Failure of vehicles subject to use designated lane
  • Case Dismissed Failure of vehicles subject to use designated lane
  • Penalty Reduced Failure to obey traffic control sign
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